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Regardless of project size, tiling is an art requiring skill. Proper surface preparation and material selection get you a good job. A skilled tile layer gets you a great job. Tiling projects range from back splashes to floors, showers to fireplaces, and everything in between.  Today’s popular larger tiles usually requires reinforcing the floor with concrete backer board and special adhesives to ensure the tile does not crack or the adhesive fail from flexing.  All installations are backed by manufacturer warranty.  We strive for perfection in every tile installation we do.


In retrofits or renovation tiling, the project usually requires removal of old tile or subpar materials.  The goal is to prep the space enough to properly install the tile.

  • Removal Of Old Tile Or Subpar Materials
  • Ensure Area Is Flat Or Level
  • Prep Space For Repair


Repairing old walls or floors sometimes requires new or build out sections of wall or making sure a floor is properly level.  New subfloor may be required if floors are not up to par for tiles.

  • Rebuild Or Repair Walls Or Flooring
  • Waterproofing If Necessary For Showers/Walls
  • Ensure All Tiled Areas Are Flat & Level

Tiling - The End Result

When tiling, it is vital that lines of tiles remain level and flat.  This stage is instrumental in the final result of all tiling projects.

  • Perfectly Level Floors
  • Properly Flat Walls
  • Perfect Lines And Flatness