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Rec Rooms

When designing or renovating an existing rec room it’s extremely important to know the planned use of the rec room.  A large flat screen TV may require proper wall structure to hang a TV mount.  An outlet behind the TV might be a good idea.  Outlets every 6 feet on each wall to ensure there are enough outlets in the room.  When making a new rec room, everything has to be considered, framing, electrical, plumbing, access to water shut offs, etc.  We take all things to be considered and will create a space that will be enjoyed by all that use it.

Framing & Insulating

When designing a perfect rec room, all things must be considered.  Pre-planning is essential and will result in an outstanding final project.

  • Pre-Planning Is Key
  • Proper Building Codes Followed
  • Proper Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Electrical & Plumbing

Making sure the area is future proof is key.  Make sure there are enough outlets, pot lights, other sources of light and if a TV is going to be wall hung…make sure the structure behind the drywall can support a TV mount and that there is an outlet behind the TV.  Also make sure you have access to any plumbing or other necessary things.

  • Plan For The Future
  • Make Sure There Are Enough Outlets
  • Pre-Planning Again, Is Key

The Work You Don't See = The Result Of What You Do

Pre-Planning with any project is key, but making sure you have thought of everything will result in no regrets and no what if’s.  Think of the future and your rec room project will be everything you want and need it to be for many many years.

  • The More Pre-Planning You Do The Better
  • Attention To Detail Results In A Perfect Job
  • A Rec Room Everyone Can Enjoy