Small Job Pro Niagara Services

Painting (Interior & Exterior)

From prepping to final coat, we can paint one room, a whole house (interior or exterior), stairs, cabinets, etc.  We only offer top of the line primers and paints which are best suited to each application.  All projects are backed by manufacturer warranty.  We strive for perfection in every painting project we do.


A great paint job is only as good as the repair/prep work done before painting.  Repair work should only be done with the proper tools, correct supplies, while allowing sufficient time between each stage.

  • Patching (Cracked Or Damaged Drywall/Plaster)
  • Mudding (As Many Coats As It Takes)
  • Sanding (Proper Grit For Proper Surface)


Prepping for paint, in most cases, takes more time than the actual painting.  The reward for good prepping is well worth the end result.  Mudding and sanding require skill, and patience along with the right tools and materials.

  • Ensure Proper Compound Is Used For Either Drywall Or Plaster
  • Ensure Proper Dry Times Between Coats
  • Ensure Primer Has Extremely Good Coverage

Final Coat Painting

Whether its an interior or exterior project, the final coat of paint is what everyone sees.  Extra care and time go into the final coat and it shows.  Masking, cutting in and feathering are techniques we use with nearly every project and requires skill and a steady hand.

  • Ensuring First Coat Is Well Covered
  • Ensuring No Bleeding Of Old Paint Or Blemishes
  • Proper Roller & Sleeve For Perfect End Results