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Kitchens & Bathrooms

A kitchen or bathroom renovation requires pre-planning and a great plan to execute the project, minimizing the impact on the client and their home.  Kitchens and bathrooms can take a little while to complete.  It’s essential that things are done in a timely manner to lessen the impact on the client.  A good plan to execute the work is vital in any kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Pre-Planning & Removal

Time is of the essence with any kitchen or bathroom renovation, minimizing the impact on the client.

  • Pre-Planning Is Key
  • Clean Removal Of The Old
  • Prepping For All Things New

A Good Plan & Prep

You need a plan!  Pre-building cabinets, ordering fixtures, materials, tiling, flooring, etc ahead of time and having them on site before the project starts is key.  It will reduce the time the project will take and may reduce cost by eliminating wasted time.

  • Pre-Order Materials
  • Have Everything On Site Before Project Starts
  • Minimize Impact On The Client

Final Results

The final result says everything to the client, especially with a kitchen or bathroom.  These are two very large projects that require the utmost attention to detail.  Pre-planning is everything and when the job is complete, you’ll be thankful that everything was properly planned out.

  • Attention To Detail
  • The Little Things
  • Client Satisfaction Is Number One