Small Job Pro Niagara Services


Electrical encompasses a wide variety of things.  From basic light fixture changes to full rec room wiring, pot lights, outlets, dimmers, etc…we have you covered as all electrical work is subcontracted to a licensed electrical contractor, which will only install top of the line products which are perfectly suited for each application.  Because of this, all installations are backed by manufacturer warranty.  Between Small Job Pro Niagara and a licensed electrical contractor, we strive for perfection in everything electrical when it comes to your project.

Proper Planning

Every single electrical project requires proper planning.  How many outlets do you need, how many pot lights are suited to a space, what kind of draw will be used on each breaker, etc.

  • Proper Planning Based On Needs
  • Proper Planning Based On Wants
  • Proper Planning Results In A Perfect Space

Great End Results

The worst thing is thinking, I should have had an outlet here or an extra light here would be great.  We think of that.

  • We Use Calculators For Pot Light Installations
  • We Think Of The Unthinkable
  • We Have The Final Result In Mind From The Start